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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: using Xinclude with multi-core
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2009 23:36:11 GMT

: I'm trying to take advantage of the Solr 1.4 Xinclude feature to
: include a different xml fragment (e.g. a different analyzer chain in
: schema.xml) for each core in a multi-core setup.  When the Xinclude
: operates on a relative path, it seems to NOT be acting relative to the
: xml file with the Xinlclude statement.  Using the jetty example, it
: looks for a file in example/.

Peter: I know very little about XInclude, but based on your description of 
the problem i suspect it's bigger then just multi-core.

It sounds like the Xinclude processing is using the CWD to resolve all 
included files -- regardless of what SolrHome or the instancedir is.

Looking at, i suspect that DocumentBuilder *would* 
process relative XInclude paths properly if it know what the original 
filename of the XML Document was -- but we only give it an InputStream, so 
i supsect resolving relative the current working directly is it's fall 
back behavior.

This seems like an (anoying) bug in Solr.  Unfortunately i don't have an 
suggested fix or workarround for you...


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