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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: TermsComponent, multiple fields, total count
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2010 20:55:21 GMT
Hi Lukas,

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> From: Lukas Kahwe Smith <>

> I want to use TermsComponent for both auto complete suggestions but also showing 

Is TermsComponent really that good for AutoComplete?
Have a look at - doesn't use TC.

> a search "quality" meter. As in indicate the total number of matches (doesnt 
> need to be accurate, just a ballpark figure especially if there are a lot of 
> matches)

As in, you want each suggestion include the number of documents it would match if that suggestion
would be run as the query?
Wouldn't that require one to execute that query, so if you want to show 10 suggestions, you'd
hit Solr 10 times?

> I also want to match multiple fields at once.

Can you give an example?

Sematext -- -- Solr - Lucene - Nutch

> I guess I can just issue multiple requests in order to get multiple fields 
> searched. But the total number is a bit more tricky. I can of course simply add 
> up the counts for the limited number of results. But this is maybe a bit too 
> inaccurate and also seems like Lucene/Solr should be able to give me this number 
> more efficiently.
> regards,
> Lukas Kahwe Smith

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