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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: how to do a Parent/Child Mapping using entities
Date Fri, 01 Jan 2010 03:47:31 GMT

: You could easily write your own query parser (QParserPlugin, in Solr's
: terminology) that internally translates queries like
: 	 q = res_url:url AND res_rank:rank
: into
: 	q = res_ranked_url:"rank url"
: thus hiding the res_ranked_url field from the user/client.
: I'm not sure, but maybe it's possible to utilize the order of values within
: the multi-valued field res_url directly in the newly created parser. This

It is possible to use SpanMaskingQuery ... it lets you build a 
SpanNearQuery that requires a match in one field to be "near" a match in 
another field (ie: at the same position, or within some amount of slop)

so then you could find all docs where "url:A" and "rank:2" both occur at 
the same position (in a multi-valued field) but SpanQueries don't play 
nicely with range queries, so you wouldn't be able to find docs where 
url:A and rank:[* TO 5] at the same position.


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