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From gwk <>
Subject Re: Sites with Innovative Presentation of Tags and Facets
Date Mon, 31 May 2010 09:50:47 GMT
On 5/31/2010 11:29 AM, Geert-Jan Brits wrote:
> May I ask how you implemented getting the facet counts for each interval? Do
> you use a facet-query per interval?
> And perhaps for inspiration a link to the site you implemented this ..
> Thanks,
> Geert-Jan
> I love the idea of a sparkline at range-sliders. I think if I have time, I
>> might add them to the range sliders on our site. I already have all the data
>> since I show the count for a range while the user is dragging by storing the
>> facet counts for each interval in javascript.

Sorry, seems I pressed send halfway through my mail and forgot about it. 
The site I implemented my numerical range faceting on is and I got the facets by making 
a small patch for Solr ( 
which does the same thing for numbers what date faceting does for dates.

The biggest issue with range-faceting is the double counting of edges 
(which also happens in date faceting, see My patch deals with 
that by adding an extra parameter which allows you specify which end of 
the range query should be exclusive.

A secondary issue is that you can't do filter queries with one end 
inclusive and one end exclusive (i.e. price:[500 TO 1000}). You can get 
around this by doing "price:({500 TO 1000} OR 500)". I've looked into 
the JavaCC code of Lucene to see if I could fix it so you could mix [] 
and {} but unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with it to get it to work.



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