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From Tim Heckman <>
Subject Re: bi-directional replication on solr 1.4?
Date Thu, 13 May 2010 21:14:25 GMT
It looks like doesn't allow for the possibility of the
slave having a later index version than the master. It only checks
whether the versions are equal.

It's easy enough to add that check and prevent the index fetch when
the slave has a later version (in fact I'm running it in a sandbox
right now). But I wonder what other problems it might create in a
production environment (or what problems I am overlooking). Does
anyone have any thoughts on this?


On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 2:37 PM, Tim Heckman <> wrote:
> Does bi-directional replication work in solr 1.4? In other words, if I
> wanted to have 2 servers that are both master and slave. Call them A
> and B. I would configure things so that normally, A runs a DIH
> periodically to rebuild the index, and then B pulls the updated index
> from A. The idea here is that if A goes down, B could run the data
> imports, and then A would pick up the up-to-date index from B when it
> comes back up.
> Based on the note about Repeaters on the wiki, it looks like it might
> be possible, but there aren't enough details for me to know for sure.
> thanks,
> Tim

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