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From rabahb <>
Subject Re: Solr Architecture discussion
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2010 10:19:52 GMT

Thinking twice about this architecture ...

I'm concerned about the way I'm going to automate the following steps:

A- The slaves would regularly poll Master-core1 for changes
B- A backup of the current index would be created
C- Re-Indexing will happen on Master-core2 
D- When Indexing is done, we'll trigger a swap between Master-core1 and
E- Slaves will then poll and pickup the freshly updated index segments
F- and so on!

This seems to be simple when it's done manually. But I can not just sit
there and trigger a button to send the events. To reach that goal, I
realized that on solution would be to have 2 cores on the master side, while
the slaves would only have one core (as previously discussed). We'll just
need to configure the slave polling period (A,E), and send the right http
request (B,C,D). 

Well ok, step A is automated "natively". Easy enough, using the internal
solr capabilities.
But how can B,C, and D. I'll do it manually. Wait! I'm not sure my boss will
pay for that.

All right so I imagine that I should implement a process that will automate
the phases that I would otherwise do manually. This would be an external
process not based on solr mechanism.

My questions are:

1/Can I leverage on some solr mechanisms (that is, by configuration only) in
order to reach that goal?
I haven't found how to do it!

2/ Is there any issue while replicating master "swapped" index files? I've
seen in the literature that there might be some issues.

3/If a solr configuration based solution does not exist, my first attempt
would be to write a shell based process that will regularly trigger the
events, wait for the end of each phase by polling the current phase status,
in order to trigger the next one. Does that sound good to you? Or is there a
better and more elegant way to do the trick when indexing and replication
should be beating at a high pace? 

Thank you.

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