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From Chris Finch <>
Subject Re: Solr relational date & cost data
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2010 11:35:52 GMT
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Need to search, facet and filter, sadly.

Right now I am working on just storing the date ranges and min/max
prices as you suggested, seemed like the best solution so far.

Thanks for confirming the idea for me though.

On 21/06/10 12:33, Peter Karich wrote:
> Do you need to search (or facetting, filtering) through the dates or costs?
> Maybe you can store only the max and min price and the
> available-date-range in solr?
> And then get detailed information from an additional database-query?
> Peter.
>> I want to be able to store property information in Solr, including
>> descriptions, tags, keywords etc. This is really easy to do.
>> But also I need to be able to store a range of dates that the property
>> is available along with costings. Currently we're using MySQL for this
>> storing a row for every possible date e.g. 21-Jun-2010 and a cost for
>> that date.
>> I was wondering if there would be a simple way of recreating this in
>> Solr, storing all property info + dates + costs and be able to reference
>> them, or would I need to store all property info + single date + cost
>> for that date?
>> Storing individual dates would mean we have over 4,000,000 records which
>> I think we could handle, but I wondered if someone might have a better
>> idea about it.
>> Thanks in advance and apologies for my noobiness.
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