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From Andy <>
Subject Re: Non-prefix, hierarchical autocomplete? Would SOLR-1316 work? Solritas?
Date Sat, 19 Jun 2010 07:40:34 GMT
Forgot to add, I would like to order the autocomplete suggestions for tags/cities based on
how many times they are present in the documents.

--- On Sat, 6/19/10, Andy <> wrote:

> From: Andy <>
> Subject: Non-prefix, hierarchical autocomplete? Would SOLR-1316 work? Solritas?
> To:
> Date: Saturday, June 19, 2010, 3:28 AM
> Hi,
> I've seen some posts on using SOLR-1316 or Solritas for
> autocomplete. Wondered what is the best solution for my use
> case:
> 1) I would like to have an "hierarchical" autocomplete. For
> example, I have a "Country" dropdown list and a "City"
> textbox. A user would select a country from the dropdown
> list, and then type out the City in the textbox. Based on
> which country he selected, I want to limit the autocomplete
> suggestions to cities that are relevant for the selected
> country.
> This hierarchy could be multi-level. For example, there may
> be a "Neighborhood" textbox. The autocomplete suggestions
> for "Neighborhood" would be limited to neighborhoods that
> are relevant for the city entered by the user in the "City"
> textbox.
> 2) I want to have autocomplete suggestions that includes
> non-prefix matches. For example, if the user type "auto",
> the autocomplete suggestions should include terms such as
> "automata" and "build automation".
> 3) I'm doing autocomplete for tags. I would like to allow
> multi-word tags and use comma (",") as a separator for tags.
> So when the use hits the space bar, he is still typing out
> the same tag, but when he hits the comma key, he's starting
> a new tag.
> Would SOLR-1316 or Solritas work for the above
> requirements? If they do how do I set it up? I can't really
> find much documentation on SOLR-1316 or Solritas in this
> area.
> Thanks.


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