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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Luke browser does not show non-String Solr fields?
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2010 16:47:50 GMT

: I see. It's still a little confusing to me but I'm fine as long as
: this is the expected behavior. I also tried the "example" index
: with data that come with the solr distribution and observe the
: same behavior - only String fields are displayed. So Lucene is
: sharing _some_ types with Solr but not all. It's still a bit puzzling
: to me that Lucene is not able to understand the simple types
: such as long. But I'm OK as long as there is a reason. Thanks
: for the explanations!

The key is that there are *no* types in Lucene ... older 
versions of Lucene only supported "Strin" and clinets that wanted to index 
other types had to encode those types in some way as needed.  More 
recently lucene has started moving away from even dealing with Strings, 
and towards just indexing/searching raw byte[] ... all concepts of "field 
types" in Solr are specific to Solr 

(the caveat being that Lucene has, over the years, added utilities to help 
people make smart choices about how to encode some data types -- and in 
the case of the Trie numeric fields SOlr uses those utilites.  But that 
data isn't stored anywhere in the index files themselves, so Luke has no 
way of knowing that it should attempt to "decode" the binary data of a 
field using the Trie utilities.  That said: aparently Andrzej is working 
on making it possible to tell Luke "oh BTW, i indexed this field using 
this solr fieldType" ... i think he said it was on the Luke trunk)


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