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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: AW: XSLT for JSON
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2010 19:17:14 GMT

: i'm only want the response format of StandardSearchHandler for the
: TermsComponent. how can i do this in a simple way  ? :D

I still don't understand what you are asking ... TermsComponent returns 
data about terms.  The SearchHandler runs multiple components, and returns 
whatever data those components want to return.

If you are using TermsComponent in SearchHandler, you will get one type of 
data back in the terms section, and it will be in the "terms structure" 
(either as XML or as JSON depending on the writer you use) ... if you use 
some other components in your SerachHandler they will return *different* 
data in the data structutre that makes sense for that component, which 
will either be formated as JSON or XML depending on the response writer 
you use.

But all of this seems orthoginal tothe question you seem adament about, 
which is translating the XML reponse (from some component) into some a 
JSON structure your clients are expecting.  In Short: sure you can 
probably use XSLT to generate JSON from the XML response -- if that's what 
you really want to do, then go right ahead and try it, but since i don't 
know anyone else who has ever done that i can't offer you any specific 
tips or assistance.


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