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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: general debugging techniques?
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2010 20:13:19 GMT

: > if you are only seeing one log line per request, then you are just looking
: > at the "request" log ... there should be more logs with messages from all
: > over the code base with various levels of severity -- and using standard
: > java log level controls you can turn these up/down for various components.
: Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with java deploys so I don't know
: where the standard controls are yet.  As a concrete example, I do see
: INFO level logs, but haven't found a way to move up DEBUG level in
: either solr or tomcat.  I was hopeful debug statements would point to
: where extraction/indexing hangs were occurring.  I will keep poking
: around, thanks for the tips.

Hmm ... it sounds like maybe you haven't seen this wiki page... mentioned there, for quick debugging, there is an admin page to 
adjust the log levels on the fly...


...but for more long term changes to the logging configuration, it depends 
greatly on wether your servlet container customizes the Java LogManager.  
There are links there to general info about Java logging, and about 
tweaking this in the example Jetty setup.


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