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From Koji Sekiguchi <>
Subject range query on TrieLongField - strange result?
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2010 23:30:48 GMT
I see different results between SortableLongField and TrieLongField
when I try same range query.

This is the test data:

<field name="id">ZERO</field>
<field name="f_tl">0</field>
<field name="f_sl">0</field>
<field name="id">Long.MAX_VALUE-1000</field>
<field name="f_tl">9223372036854774807</field>
<field name="f_sl">9223372036854774807</field>
<field name="id">Long.MAX_VALUE</field>
<field name="f_tl">9223372036854775807</field>
<field name="f_sl">9223372036854775807</field>

where f_tl is TrieLongField and f_sl is SortableLongField.
The test data consist of 3 docs. The first doc number is 0.
The second is "Long.MAX_VALUE minus 1,000". The third
value is "Long.MAX_VALUE".

I posted the data and queried on f_sl:

q=f_sl:[9223372036854775807 TO 9223372036854775807]

Solr returned the third doc and I think it was correct.
But I did same range query on f_tl field, Solr returned 3 docs.

Am I missing something?



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