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From Tracy Flynn <>
Subject Re: SOLR 1.4.1 - Issue with recognition of solr.solr.home system property
Date Sun, 18 Jul 2010 11:23:29 GMT

Thanks for that information. That at least offers a work-around for the problem.

When I look at the general description of 'solr.solr.home' and the specific comments for 'dataDir'
in 'solrconfig.xml', the clear implication is that, if nothing is changed, the dataDir value
should be expected to be relative to SOLR home.

"Used to specify an alternate directory to hold all index data other than the default ./data
under the Solr home.".

If you look at my scenario, I think I'm using 'solr.solr.home' in that spirit.  So, I think
my point remains.

If absolute paths are the solution in this case, that will mean that everyone (in my organization)
that uses the configurations (5 collections and counting) has to edit all the 'solrconfig'
files each time they move onto a different machine or into a different location.  In my corresponding
SOLR 1.2 deployment I didn't have the issue.

Anyway, thanks again for the help.  



On Jul 18, 2010, at 5:31 AM, Koji Sekiguchi wrote:

> (10/07/18 10:03), Tracy Flynn wrote:
>> That's a little telling
>> INFO: Opening new SolrCore at /Users/johndoe/example1/solr/, dataDir=./solr/data/
>> Since I'm running with ~/example2 as the current working directory, then that would
explain it.  Schema etc. is found in ~/example1/solr/conf, but the data is being managed in
>> Is this a bug, or is there another setting I need?
> Check whether you have <dataDir/> element in solrconfig.xml.
> It comes before your solr.solr.home setting.
> Koji
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