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From marship <>
Subject Re:Re: How to speed up solr search speed
Date Sat, 17 Jul 2010 16:36:56 GMT
Hi. Shawn.
My indexes are smaller than yours. I only store "id" + "type" in indexes so each "core" index
is about 1 - 1.5GB on disk.
I don't have so many servers/VPS as you have. In my option, my problem is not CPU. If possible,
I prefer to add more memory to fit indexes in my server. At least at memory is cheaper. And
I saw lots of my CPU time are wasted because no program can fullly use it. 

Is there a way to tell solr to load all indexes into memory? like memory directory in lucene.
That would be breezing fast
Btw, how do you get that status page? 


在2010-07-17 23:38:58,"Shawn Heisey" <> 写道:
>  On 7/17/2010 3:28 AM, marship wrote:
>> Hi. Peter and All.
>> I merged my indexes today. Now each index stores 10M document. Now I only have 10
solr cores.
>> And I used
>> java -Xmx1g -jar -server start.jar
>> to start the jetty server.
>How big are the indexes on each of those cores? You can easily get this 
>info from a URL like this (assuming the bundled Jetty and its standard 
>If your server only has 4GB of RAM, low memory is almost guaranteed to 
>be the true problem. With low ram levels, the disk cache is nearly 
>useless, and high disk I/O is the symptom.
>My system runs as virtual machines. I've got six static indexes each a 
>little over 12GB in size (7 million rows) and an incremental index that 
>gets to about 700MB (300,000 rows). I've only got one active index core 
>per virtual machine, except when doing a full reindex, which is rare. 
>Each static VM is allocated 2 CPUs and 9GB of memory, each incremental 
>has 2 CPUs and 3GB of memory. As I'm not using VMware, the memory is not 
>oversubscribed. There is a slight oversubscription of CPUs, but I've 
>never seen a CPU load problem. I've got dedicated VMs for load balancing 
>and for the brokers.
>With a max heap of 1.5GB, that leaves over 7GB of RAM to act as disk 
>cache for a 12GB index. My statistics show that each of my two broker 
>cores has 185000 queries under its belt, with an average query time of 
>about 185 milliseconds. If I had enough memory to fit the entire 12GB 
>index into RAM, I'm sure my query times would be MUCH smaller.
>Here's a screenshot of the status page that aggregates my Solr statistics:
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