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From Jonathan Rochkind <>
Subject RE: filter query on timestamp slowing query???
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2010 17:45:28 GMT

> and a typical query would be:
> rows=2000

On top of using trie dates, you might consider separating the timestamp portion and the type
portion of the fq into seperate fq parameters -- that will allow them to to be stored in the
filter cache seperately. So for instance, if you include "type:x OR type:y" in queries a lot,
but with different date ranges, then when you make a new query, the set for "type:x OR type:y"
can be pulled from the filter cache and intersected with the other result set, that portion
won't have to be run again. That's probably not where your slowness is coming from, but shouldn't

Multiple fq's are essentially AND'd together, so whenever you have an 'fq' that's seperate
clauses AND'd together, you can always seperate them into multiple fq's, wont' effect the
result set, will effect the caching possibilities. 
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