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From Jonathan Rochkind <>
Subject RE: Tree Faceting in Solr 1.4
Date Sat, 24 Jul 2010 16:12:44 GMT
> I am keeping the id-to-name lookups in SOLR though, I just use some
> "lookup fields" where I put id and name into one field, separated by
> some fixed delimiter, e.g.
> "134982__Some name I am going to lookup later"
> The separator here would be two underscores ("__").
> So I can query for that lookup field, extract id and name and store them
> into an array or something to loop them up in my (PHP) frontend.

Interesting, thanks. Do you use a "prefix" query, then, to find that value?

Still confused thinking about how this would work. Each of your documents has only one ID?

In my case, its more like the geographic hieararchical stuff this thread began with. The ID
is not the documents' ID, it's the ID of essentially a "facet" value, which can be multi-valued
(or maybe even hierarchical). 

  Document X:  
     * United State
     * China
  Document Y
     * China
     * Russia

If we turn those actual values into "ID__label" strings... it gets confusing how to query
for them. ESPECIALLY if we try to introduce the hierarchy into it. 

Document X:
    * 1234__United States/677_Michigan/987_Detroit

I think actually trying to store things like that would break either of the techniques in
the wiki page about hierarchical facetting. 

Maybe an external store is really the only way to go that doesn't turn into a mess. 
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