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From Tracy Flynn <>
Subject SOLR 1.4.1 - Issue with recognition of solr.solr.home system property
Date Sun, 18 Jul 2010 00:33:15 GMT
There appears to be a problem with the recognition of the 'solr.solr.home' property in SOLR
1.4.1 - or else I have a basic misunderstanding of how 'solr.solr.home' is intended to work.

Conduct the following experiment.

Take the standard SOLR 1.4.1 distribution.

Suppose the home directory is /Users/johndoe.

1) Make two copies of the contents of the ./example subdirectory to some location, say ~/solr_example1
and ~/solr_example2.

2) Delete the subdirectories   ~/solr_example1/solr/data/index, ~/solr_example2/solr/data/index

3) In ~/solr_example2, start up the SOLR server using something similar to:

java -Dsolr.solr.home=/Users/johndoe/example1/solr -jar start.jar

5) In ~/solr_example2/exampledocs, run './ *.xml'

6) Examine the directories ~/example1/solr/data/index and ~/example2/solr/data/index

Based on the setting of 'solr.solr.home' I would have expected the indexes to be created in
~/example1/solr/data/index. They are in fact created in ~/example2/solr/data/index.

Do I misunderstand the usage of 'solr.solr.home' and how to set it, or is there a real issue

Any help and insight would be appreciated.


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