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From Mark Allan <>
Subject Modifications to AbstractSubTypeFieldType
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2010 13:51:47 GMT
Hi folks,

I've made a few small changes to the AbstractSubTypeFieldType class to  
allow users to define distinct field types for each subfield.  This  
enables us to define complex data types in the schema.

For example, we have our own subclass of the CoordinateFieldType  
called TemporalCoverage (I've spoken about this recently on the  
mailing list) where we store a start and end date for an event but now  
we can store a name for the event as well.

<fieldType name="temporal"  
class="" dimension="3"  

In this example, the start and end dates get stored as trie-coded  
integers and the description as a string.

As usual, it's up to your own subclass to do sanity checking on the  
input to ensure the right number and type of subfields are there in  
the document field.

We now store documents like this:
   <field name="id">15250</field>
   <field name="name">Events of the 20th Century</field>
   <field name="description">Film covering a variety of important  
events in the 20th Century.</field>
   <field name="daterange">1914,1918, First World War</field>
   <field name="daterange1">1939,1945, Second World War</field>
   <field name="daterange2">1957,1969, Space Race</field>
   <field name="daterange3">1990,2000, random date</field>

The changes to AbstractSubTypeFieldType do not have any adverse  
effects on the solr.PointType class, so I'd quite like to suggest it  
gets included in the main solr source code.  Where can I send a patch  
for someone to evaluate or should I just attach it to the issue in  
JIRA and see what happens?


PS. Is the solr-dev mailing list dead? There's nothing in the archives  
since April.

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Scotland, with registration number SC005336.

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