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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: upload PDF using curl
Date Sat, 03 Jul 2010 00:05:19 GMT

: I am using Windows XP, curl 7.19.5, Solr 1.4.1
: the command is:
: curl http://localhost:8983/solr/update/extract?' -F "myfile=@tutorial.pdf"
: I got error :
: HTTP Error:  400.  missing content stream.
: 'commit' is not a recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch

the first line is a bit comfusing -- but it's coming from solr, indicaitng 
that it never got your file (aka: content stream)

the second line is coming from your shell, telling you it can't find a 
command named "commit" to execute -- that's a dead give away that 
something about how you are running curl in your shell doesn't like the 
quotes you used arround the URL -- it's splitting on the "&" character.

i don't have a windows box to test on, but perhaps single quotes will work 


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