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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: boosting particular field values
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2010 22:20:31 GMT

I blieve this cam up on IRC, and the end result wsa that the bq was 
working fine, Justin just wasn't noticing because he added it to his 
solrconfig.xml (and not to the query URL) and his browser was still 
caching the page -- so he didn't see his boost affect anything)

(but i may be confusing justin with someone else)

: I'm using dismax request handler, solr 1.4.
: I would like to boost the weight of certain fields according to their
: values... this appears to work:
: bq=category:electronics^5.5
: However, I think this boosting only affects sorting the results that
: have already matched? So if I only get 10 rows back, I might not get
: any records back that are category electronics. If I get 100 rows, I
: can see that bq is working. However, I only want to get 10 rows.
: How does one affect the kinds of results that are matched to begin
: with? bq is the wrong thing to use, right?
: Thanks for any help,
: Justin


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