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From Rafał Kuć <>
Subject Re: Having problems with the java api in 1.4.0
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2010 16:25:13 GMT

   The exception thrown by Solr says that You do not have synonyms.txt
file either in classpath or in solr core config directory. Check Your
schema.xml file for a filter - SynonymFilterFactory. That filter use
synonyms.txt file to read synonyms definitions. If You don`t need
synonyms filter, just delete that filter from type (or types) definition. If You
need that filter - add synonyms.txt file to Your config directory.

 Rafał Kuć (

> I am very new to the solr/lucene world.  I am using solr 1.4.0 and cannot
> move to 1.4.1.

> I have to index about 50 fields for each document, these fields are already
> in key/value pairs by the time I get to my index methods.  I was able to
> index them with lucene without any problem, but found that I could not then
> read the indexes with solr/admin.  So, I decided to use Solr for my
> indexing.

> The error I am currently getting is
> java.lang.RuntimeException: Can't find resource 'synonyms.txt' in classpath
> or 'solr/conf'/'

> This exception is being thrown by
> SolrResourceLoader.openResource(line 260).
> which is called by IndexSchema<init> (line 102)

> My code that leads up to this follows:

> <code>
> String path = "c:/swdev/apache-solr-1.4.0/IDW"
> SolrConfig cfg new SolrConfig(path + "/solr/conf/solrconfig.xml");
> schema = new IndexSchema(cfg,path + "/solr/conf/schema.xml",null);

> </code>

> This also fails if I use
> schema = new IndexSchema(cfg,"schema.xml",null);

> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

> Thank you

> Liz Sommers

 Rafał Kuć

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