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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: question: havnig multiple solrCloud configuration on the same machine
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2010 18:31:54 GMT
On 8/16/10 1:55 AM, Yatir Ben Shlomo wrote:
> Hi!
> I am using solrCloud with tomcat5.5
> in my setup every lanugage has an its own index and its own solr filters so it needs
a seprated solr configuration files.
> in solrCLoud examples posted here :
> I noticed that bootstrap_confdir is a given as global -D parameter
> but I need to be able to supply it per Core
> I tried doing this in solr.xml but failed

bootstrap_confdir does not necessarily correlate to a core. It uploads a
set of configuration files that might be used by one core or many cores.
So you want to create multiple configurations, and then assign the right
cores to the right set of configuration files.

For all but the simplest demos, you really have to edit the zookeeper
config yourself. There are tools to help you do this. See:

If you don't want to upload the files yourself to zk, you can start Solr
multiple times with different bootstrap_confdir and
collection.configName values.

So you might start up with:

-Dbootstrap_confdir=./solr/conf1 -Dcollection.configName=coreconf1

then with:

-Dbootstrap_confdir=./solr/conf2 -Dcollection.configName=coreconf2

and a third time with:

-Dbootstrap_confdir=./solr/conf3 -Dcollection.configName=coreconf3

This would give you three different configurations - you would then edit
the zookeeper info to point each collection (essentially a SolrCore at
this point) to the right configuration files:




- Mark

> solr.xml
> <core name='coreES' instanceDir='coreES/'>
>   <property name='dataDir' value='/Data/Solr/coreES' />
>  <property name="bootstrap_confdir" value="/home/tomcat/solr/coreES/conf"/>
> </core>
> all my cores are usign the same zoo keeper configuration according to the -Dbootstrap_confdi=...
> does anyone know how I can specify the bootstrap_confdir on a per-core basis?
> thanks
> Yatir Ben Shlomo
> Outbrain Engineering
> tel: +972-73-223912
> fax: +972-9-8350055

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