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From Tomas <>
Subject Stress Test Solr
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2010 15:33:46 GMT
Hi All, we've been building an open source tool for load tests on Solr 
Installations. Thetool is called SolrMeter. It's on google code 
at Here is some information about it:

SolrMeter is an stress testing / performance benchmarking tool for Apache Solr 
installations.  It is licensed under ASL and developed using JavaSE and Swing 
components, connected with Solr using SolrJ.
What can youdowith SolrMeter?
The main goal of this open source project is bring to the Apache Solr user 
community a tool for dealing with Solr specific issues regarding performance and 
stress testing like firing queries and adding documents to make sure that your 
Solr instalation will support real world's load and demands. With SolrMeter you 
can simulate a work load over the Apache Solr instalation and to obtain useful 
visual performance statistics and metrics.
Relevant Features:
	* Execute queries against a Solr installation
	* Execute dummy updates/inserts to the Solr installation, it can be the same 
server as the queries or a different one.
	* Configure number of queries to fire in a time period interval
	* Configure the number of updates/inserts in a time period.
	* Configure commits frequency during adds
	* Monitor error counts when adding and commiting documents.
	* Perform and monitor index optimization
	* Monitor query times online and visually
	* Add filter queries into the test queries
	* Add facet abilities into the test queries
	* Import/Export test configuration
	* Query time execution histogram chart
	* Query times distribution chart
	* Online error log and browsing capabilities
	* Individual query graphical log and statistics
	* and much more....
Whatdo you need for use SolrMeter?
This is one of the most interesting points about SolrMeter, the requirements are 
minimal. It is simple to install and use.
	* JRE versiĆ³n 1.6
	* The Solr Server you want to test.
Who can use SolrMeter?
Everyone who needs to assess the solrmeter server performance. To run the tool 
you only need to know about SOLR.

Try it and tell us what you think . . . . .  

    Solrmeter Group

What's next?
We are now building version 0.2.0, the objetive of this new version is to evolve 
SolrMeter into a pluggable architecture to allow deeper customizations like 
adding custom statistics, extractors or executors.
We are also adding some usability improvements.

On future versions we want to add a better interaction with Solr request 
handlers, for example, showing cache statistics online and graphically on some 
chart would be a great tool.
We also want to add more usability features to make of solrmeter a complete tool 
for testing a Solr instalation.
For more details on what's next che the Issues page on the google code site.

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