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From Moazzam Khan <>
Subject Need help with facets
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2010 18:31:24 GMT
Hi guys,

I have a solr index whose documents have the following fields:


I update the index when any of the three fields change for that specific person.

I need to get facets based on when someone was recruited. The facets are :

Recruited within 1 month
Recruited within 3 months

So if 10 people were recruited within the past month then the count
for r"Recruited within 1 month" will be 10.

Is there a way to calculate the facets from RecruitedDate? Or, will I
have to create another field (let's say) RecruitedDateFacet and store
the text in there?

My problem is that if I use a separate field for faceting and store a
string in it then if that person's information wasn't updated for a
month he would still fall in that category (since no delta query was

Please advise on what is the best way to accomplish this.

Thanks in advance,


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