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Subject Missing tokens
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2010 09:34:43 GMT

Hi, I'm having a problem with certain search terms not being found when I
do a query. I'm using Solrj to index a pdf document, and add the contents
to the 'contents' field. If I query the 'contents' field on the
SolrInputDocument doc object as below, I get 50k tokens.

StringTokenizer to = new StringTokenizer((String)doc.getFieldValue(
System.out.println( "Tokens:"  + to.countTokens() );

However, once the doc is indexed and I use Luke to analyse the index, it
has only 3300 tokens in that field. Where did the other 47k go?

I read some other threads mentioning to increase the maxfieldLength in
solrconfig.xml, and my setting is below.


Any advice is appreciated,

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