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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Index compatibility 1.4 Vs 3.1 Trunk
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2010 20:28:18 GMT
:         I am trying to use the solr code from '
:' as my design warrants use
: of PolyType fields. My understanding is that the indexes are incompatible,
: am I right ?. I have about a million docs in my index (indexed via solr
: 1.4). Is re-indexing my only option or is there a tool of some sort to
: convert the 1.4 index to 3.1 format ?

a) the "trunk" is what will ultimately be Solr 4.x, not 3.x ... for the 
3.x line there is a 3x branch...

b) The 3x branch can read indexes created by Solr 1.4 -- the first time 
you add a doc and commit the new segments wil automaticly be converted to 
the new format.  I am fairly certian that as of this moment, the 4x trunk 
can also read indexes created by Solr 1.4, with the same automatic 
converstion taking place.

c)  If/When the trunk can no longer read Solr 1.4 indexes, there will be 
a tool provided for "upgrading" index versions.


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