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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Index compatibility 1.4 Vs 3.1 Trunk
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2010 01:07:08 GMT

: Hello Mr. Horsetter,

Please, call me Hoss.  "Mr. Horsetter" is ... well frankly i have no idea 
who that is.

:                             I again tried the code from trunk '
:' on solr 1.4 index and it

Please note my previous comments...

: >> a) the "trunk" is what will ultimately be Solr 4.x, not 3.x ... for the
: >> 3.x line there is a 3x branch...
: >>
: >>
: >>
: >>
: >> b) The 3x branch can read indexes created by Solr 1.4 -- the first time
: >> you add a doc and commit the new segments wil automaticly be converted to
: >> the new format.  I am fairly certian that as of this moment, the 4x trunk
: >> can also read indexes created by Solr 1.4, with the same automatic
: >> converstion taking place.

...aparently i was mistaken about "trunk" that has already had the code 
for reading Lucene 2.9 indexes (what's used in Solr 1.4) removed (hence 
the "IndexFormatTooOldException".

But that doens't change hte fact that 3.1 will be able to read Solr 1.4 
indexes.  And 4.0 will be able to read 3.1 indexes.

You should, infact, be able to use the 3x branch code today to open your 
SOlr 1.4 index, add one document to have it convert to a 3x index.  then 
use the trunk code to open that index, add one doucment, andh ave it 
convert to a "trunk" index

Of course: there is no garuntee that index format in the official 4.0 
index format will be the same as what's on trunk right now -- it hasn't 
been officially released.

: >> c)  If/When the trunk can no longer read Solr 1.4 indexes, there will be
: >> a tool provided for "upgrading" index versions.

That should still be true in the the official 4.0 release (i really should 
have said "When 4.0 can no longer read SOlr 1.4 indexes"), ...
i havne't been following the detials closely, but i suspect that tool 
hasn't been writen yet because there isn't much point until the full 
details of the trunk index format are nailed down.


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