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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Add a plugin class to solr
Date Sat, 07 Aug 2010 01:59:56 GMT

:          I want to add a plugin class to solr which can filter the results
: based on certain criteria.I have an array which has the solr document unique
: key as the index. and the value which will be one or zero.if it is zero I
: want to filter it from the result set.This filtering should happen
: before faceting because After this filtering the number of results may
: reduce to 20% to 30%.So I want to get faceting counts after the filtering of
: results otherswise what ever facet counts return will not be usefull for me.
:        So any idea of how I can make use of the solr plugin feature or which
: all classes in the solr code i need to look in to do this please help.

Two possibilities come to mind...

1) implemnting this as a custom SearchComponent that runs after the 
QueryComponent and before FacetComponent (and modifies the DocSet 
generated by the SearchComponent

2) as a custom QParser that takes in ... anything you want ... as input, 
and generates a query that matches all the documents you want to match 
(using something like the FilteredQuery class if you can implment your 
logic as a Filter) then just use it in an "fq" param on the searches you 
want that logic applied to.


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