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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Index compatibility 1.4 Vs 3.1 Trunk
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2010 20:39:30 GMT

: "We will only provide a conversion tool that can convert indexes from
: the last "branch_3x" up to this trunk (4.0) release, so they can be
: read later, but may not contain terms with all current analyzers, so
: people need mostly reindexing. Older indexes will not be able to be
: read natively without conversion first (with maybe loss of analyzer
: compatibility)."
: i dont see anything suggesting we should support any tools for 2.x indexes!

I read the sentence that sayd "Older indexes will not be able to be read 
natively without conversion first" sentence and assumed that was talking 
about ... i dunno, "older indexes".

I certainly don't pretend to be an expert on an index converstion tool 
thta doesn't even exist yet, but the point i was trying to make in 
response to the users question...

>>> Is re-indexing my only option or is there a tool of some sort 
>>> to convert the 1.4 index to 3.1 format

 "Index format versions change over time, and support for 
  older formats is phased out.  Solr 3.1 should be able to 
  read your Solr 1.4 index and convert it automaticly.

  Solr 4.x will *not* be be able to automaticly read indexes 
  created by Solr 1.4, but there will be a process for 
  'converting' your indexes.  Unlike previous instances where 
  the index format version changed when upgrading Solr, 
  starting with Solr 4.0 this conversion will not be automatic, 
  and will require the use of a tool."

Does that sound more accurate based on your understanding?  that even if 
the yet-to-be-built-index-conversion-tool for Solr/Lucene 4.0 can't read 
Solr1.4/Lucene2.9 indexes, there will still be an upgrade process from 
Solr 1.4 to Solr 4.0 (mainly: upgrade to Solr 3.x, let it auto convert 
your indexes, and then ultimately use the 4.0 conversation tool to 
explicitly convert to Solr 4.0) ?



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