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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Proper Escaping of Ampersands
Date Mon, 23 Aug 2010 19:37:46 GMT
: The document is indexed correctly, a search for "at s" found it and all
: fields looked great ("at&s and not for example, at&amp;s).
: As my stopword list does not contain "at" or "&" or "&amp;", I don't
: quite understand, why my result is found, when I disable the
: stopword-list. My stopwordlist can be found here
: Do you happen to see bad things for a string like "at&s" here?

"s" is in your stopwords file, which may be part of the problem (but i 
didn't look hard at your query string to verify that)

: The analysis page in the admin panel tells me, these steps for the Index
: Analyzer:
: (StopFilter) 1: at&s, at; 2: s, ats => 1: at&s, at; 2: ats
: So, according to this, it should be found even with my stopwords enabled...

Strange, based on the stopwords file you posted the "s" should definitely 
be getting removed at index time -- it would also get removed at query 
time, but because you have it *before* WDF at query time that wouldn't 
affect this query (even though it did affect the index)

There was a bug with analysis.jsp and stopwords recently, but that 
shouldn't have affected 1.4 (you are definitely using 1.4, correct?)


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