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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: SolrCore / Index Searcher Instances
Date Sat, 02 Oct 2010 02:41:59 GMT
On 10/1/10 9:16 PM, Chris Hostetter wrote:
> : > it's the same instance, it's just listed twice.
> : > 
> : 
> : This comes up again and again - and it is confusing - I wonder if we
> : can't improve what's displayed to make this more clear.
> On stats.jsp (or using /admin/mbeans?stats=true) it's fairly obvious -- 
> they have the exact same searcherName.

I disagree - before I knew about why this occurred, I wouldn't have gone
to the stats page, seen two searchers, then saw they had the same name
and said, oh this searcher gets put in twice - that makes sense. All
these other searchers once, but I see this here name is the same in two
spots, so this one twice...wait, does the same name mean its the same
searcher? Why is it listed twice then? And not some others? Hmm, wtf.


I think the only people that understand the why/what of this have asked
on the mailing list or read the answer on the mailing list.

- Mark

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