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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: ANNOUNCE: Stump Hoss @ Lucene Revolution
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2010 17:38:17 GMT

FYI, Less then a week to go to submit your questions for my "Stump The 
Chump" session at Lucene Revolution:

Some updates since my last email:

1) Prizes have been announced:
2) The Judges will be Mark Miller, Grant Ingersoll, and Yonik Seeley

As I mentioned before:

a) Feel free to submit questions even if you aren't comming to the 
Conference.  The Session will be recorded, and the video will be posted 

b) Even if you've already solved your "tough" Solr problem, go ahead and 
submit it anyway to see if I can come up with an 
alternate/simpler/faster/weirder solution on the spot.

On Mon, 23 Aug 2010, Chris Hostetter wrote:

: Hey everybody,
: As you (hopefully) have heard by now, Lucid Imagination is sponsoring a
: Lucene/Solr conference in Boston about 6 weeks from now.  We've got a lot of
: really great speakers lined up to give some really interesting technical
: talks, so I offered to do something a little bit different.
: I'm going to be in the hot seat for a "Stump The Chump" style session, where
: I'll be answering Solr questions live and unrehearsed...
: The goal is to really make me sweat and work hard to think of creative
: solutions to non-trivial problems on the spot -- like when I answer questions
: on the solr-user mailing list, except in a crowded room with hundreds of
: people staring at me and laughing.
: But in order to be a success, we need your questions/problems/challenges!
: If you had a tough situation with Solr that you managed to solve with a
: creative solution (or haven't solved yet) and are interesting to see what type
: of solution I might come up with under pressure, please email a description of
: your problem to -- More details online...
: Even if you won't be able to make it to Boston, please send in any challenging
: problems you would be interested to see me tackle under the gun.  The session
: will be recorded, and the video will be posted online shortly after the
: conference has ended.  And if you can make it to Boston: all the more fun to
: watch live and in person (and maybe answer follow up questions)
: In any case, it should be a very interesting session: folks will either get to
: learn a lot, or laugh at me a lot, or both.  (win/win/win)


--  ...  October 7-8, Boston      ...  Stump The Chump!

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