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From Raymi <>
Subject Re: use query to set filter on fields
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2011 09:34:32 GMT
>> I'm evaluating SOLR and have a question about query
>> processing. Is it possible to set filters on fields
>> according to the terms entered in the query? I know that I
>> can use dismax to search in multiple fields. However, what I
>> want to achieve for a given query is the following:
>>   - parse all terms in the query
>>   - determine values of different fields that match these
>> terms
>>   - set filters for these values
>>   - return all documents matching the filters
>> Example:
>> documents representing cars with fields "manufacturer" and
>> "color"
>> query for "red ford" sets filters manufacturer=ford,
>> color=red
>> One can then use faceted navigation to further drill down.
> So do you have an existing java program that recognizes red as color and ford as manufacturer?

No, I don't.
But since I'll store documents in solr having "color" set to "red", 
"green", "blue" and "manufacturer" set to "ford", "bmw" etc. the 
information is available.

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