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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject [POLL] Where do you get Lucene/Solr from? Maven? ASF Mirrors?
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2011 21:04:01 GMT
As devs of Lucene/Solr, due to the way ASF mirrors, etc. works, we really don't have a good
sense of how people get Lucene and Solr for use in their application.  Because of this, there
has been some talk of dropping Maven support for Lucene artifacts (or at least make them external).
 Before we do that, I'd like to conduct an informal poll of actual users out there and see
how you get Lucene or Solr.

Where do you get your Lucene/Solr downloads from?

[] ASF Mirrors (linked in our release announcements or via the Lucene website)

[] Maven repository (whether you use Maven, Ant+Ivy, Buildr, etc.)

[] I/we build them from source via an SVN/Git checkout.

[] Other (someone in your company mirrors them internally or via a downstream project)

Please put an X in the box that applies to you.  Multiple selections are OK (for instance,
if one project uses a mirror and another uses Maven)

Please do not turn this thread into a discussion on Maven and it's (de)merits, I simply want
to know, informally, where people get their JARs from.  In other words, no discussion is necessary
(we already have that going on which you are welcome to join.)

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