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From Gora Mohanty <>
Subject Re: Adding a new site to existing solr configuration
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2011 05:19:30 GMT
On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 10:47 PM, PeterKerk <> wrote:
> I still have the default Solr example config running on Jetty. I use Cygwin
> to start my current site.
> Now I already have fully configured one solr instance with these files:
> \example\example-DIH\solr\db\conf\my-data-config.xml
> \example\example-DIH\solr\db\conf\schema.xml
> \example\example-DIH\solr\db\conf\solrconfig.xml
> Now, I wish to add ANOTHER site to my already running sites. This site
> ofcourse has a different data-config, but the question is: what files
> can/should I add to the already existing directories?

If I understand your requirements correctly, the easiest way would be
to do the following:
* Copy the entire directory example/example-DIH/solr/db to a new one,
  say example/example-DIH/solr/test
* As this is running a multi-core setup, add the new site as a different
  core instance in example/example-DIH/solr/solr.xml. Thus, just before
  the </cores> line, add:
    <core default="false" instanceDir="test" name="test"></core>
* example/example-DIH/solr/test/conf/solrconfig.xml is already set up to
  use db-data-config.xml as the DIH configuration file, so you can make
  any changes there. Else, change the name of db-data-config.xml, and
  modify the "config" attribute of the /dataimport RequestHandler in
* Make any desired changes to schema.xml, e.g., if you have different
  fields, or if they are of different types.
* Start Solr, and run it as usual, as per example/example-DIH/README.
  E.g., a dataimport would be initiated by loading


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