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From mrw <>
Subject Re: Disabling caching for fq param?
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2011 13:25:35 GMT
We use fq params for filtering as well (not show in previous example), so we
only want to be able to override fq caching on a per-parameter basis (e.g.,
fq={!noCache userLabels} <long list of label values>).


Markus Jelsma-2 wrote:
> If filterCache hitratio is low then just disable it in solrconfig by
> deleting 
> the section or setting its values to 0.
>> Based on what I've read here and what I could find on the web, it seems
>> that each fq clause essentially gets its own results cache.  Is that
>> correct?
>> We have a corporate policy of passing the user's Oracle OLS labels into
>> the
>> index in order to be matched against the labels field.  I currently
>> separate this from the user's query text by sticking it into an fq
>> param...
>> ?q=<user-entered expression>
>> &fq=labels:<the label values expression>
>> &qf=<song metadata copy field> <song lyrics field>
>> &tie=0.1
>> &defType=dismax
>> ...but since its value (a collection of hundreds of label values) only
>> apply to that user, the accompanying result set won't be reusable by
>> other
>> users:
>> My understanding is that this query will result in two result sets (q and
>> fq) being cached separately, with the union of the two sets being
>> returned
>> to the user.  (Is that correct?)
>> There are thousands of users, each with a unique combination of labels,
>> so
>> there seems to be little value in caching the result set created from the
>> fq labels param.  It would be beneficial if there were some kind of fq
>> parameter override to indicate to Solr to not cache the results?
>> Thanks!

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