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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: when to change rows param?
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2011 06:02:53 GMT

as of now I managed to adjust this in the client code before it touches the server so it is
not urgent at all anymore.

I wanted to avoid touching the client code (which is giving, oh great fun, MSIE concurrency
miseries) hence I wanted a server-side rewrite of the maximum number of hits returned. Thus
far my server customization, except a custom solrconfig and schema, are a query-component
and response-handler. 

I thought that injecting the rows param in the query-component would have been enough (from
the "limits" param my client is giving). But it seems not to be the case.


Le 12 avr. 2011 à 02:07, Chris Hostetter a écrit :

> Paul: can you elaborate a little bit on what exactly your problem is?
> - what is the full component list you are using?
> - how are you changing the param value (ie: what does the code look like)
> - what isn't working the way you expect?
> : I've been using my own QueryComponent (that extends the search one) 
> : successfully to rewrite web-received parameters that are sent from the 
> : (ExtJS-based) javascript client. This allows an amount of 
> : query-rewriting, that's good. I tried to change the rows parameter there 
> : (which is "limit" in the query, as per the underpinnings of ExtJS) but 
> : it seems that this is not enough.
> : 
> : Which component should I subclass to change the rows parameter?
> -Hoss

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