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From Tanguy Moal <>
Subject Re: Selecting (and sorting!) by the min/max value from multiple fields
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2011 07:52:57 GMT

Have you tried reading :

 From that page I would try something like :

Is that of any help ?


On 04/20/2011 09:41 AM, jmaslac wrote:
> Hello,
> short question is this - is there a way for a search to return a field that
> is not defined in the schema but is a minimal/maximum value of several
> (int/float) fields in solrDocument? (and how would that search look like?)
> Longer explanation. I have products and each of them can have a several
> prices (price for cash, price for credit cards, coupon price and so on) -
> not every product has all the price options. (Don't ask why - that's the use
> case:) )
>     <field name="priceCash" type="tfloat" indexed="true" stored="true" />
>     <field name="priceCreditCard" type="tfloat" indexed="true" stored="true"
> />
>     <field name="priceCoupon" type="tfloat" indexed="true" stored="true" />
> +2 more
> Is there a way to ask "give me the products containing for example 'sony'
> and in the results return me the minimal price of all possible prices (for
> each product) and SORT the results by that (minimal) price"?
> I know I can calculate the minimal price at import/index time and store it
> in one separate field but the idea is that users will have checkboxes in
> which they could say - i'm only interested in products that have the
> priceCreditCard and priceCoupon, show me the smaller of those two and sort
> by that value.
> My idea is something like this:
> ?q=sony&minPrice:min(priceCash,priceCreditCard,priceCoupon...)
> (the field minPrice is not defined in schema but should return in the
> results)
> For searching this actually doesn't represent a problem as I can easily
> programatically compare the prices and present it to the user. The problem
> is sorting - I could do that also programatically but that would mean that
> I'd have to pull out all the results query returned (which can be quite big
> of course) and then sort them, so that a option I would naturally like to
> avoid.
> Don't know if I'm asking too much of solr:) but I can see usefulness of
> something like this in other examples other then mine.
> Hope the question is clear and if I'm going about things completely the
> wrong way please advise in the right direction.
> (If there is a similar question asked somewhere else please redirect me - i
> didn't find it)
> Help much appreciated!
> Josip
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