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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: ExternalFileField with whitespaces
Date Sat, 02 Apr 2011 01:30:33 GMT

: Subject: ExternalFileField with whitespaces
: I think it is a bug, therefore I opened issue SOLR-2335.
: To handle this problem we now have to decide if we implement a
: workaround in our application to replace whitespaces or if we try to
: patch solr to work with whitepaces in dynamic ExternalFileFields.
: Does anybody have an idea how complex it will be to provide a patch
: for this problem? Or is there another way to query for such fields?

I don't think there is any actual problem in ExternalFileFields with 
fields that have whitespace in their names -- at least, not from what 
you've said.

what youv'e described is a limitation in how the FunctionQParser works, 
(hence the parser error) and i've updated your Jira issue accordingly.

As i mentioned in the issue, i think we can provide a more verbose hook in 
the parser to let people refer to field names that have whitespace and 
what not in them, but if you're use case is as simple as you 
describe and you are interested in other quick solutions you might 
want to consider your own QParser that just takes in the raw field name 
and constructs the FunctionQuery (wrapped aroung the 
ExternalFileField.getValueSource results) directly -- you don't really 
need to worry about the level of nested function w/arg parsing that 
the FunctionQParser so it would be a lot simpler (probably only a few 
lines of code)


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