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From Erik Fäßler <>
Subject Facetting: Some questions concerning method:fc
Date Thu, 19 May 2011 13:56:58 GMT
  Hey all!

I have a few questions concerning the field cache method for faceting.
The wiki says for enum method: "This was the default (and only) method 
for faceting multi-valued fields prior to Solr 1.4. ". And for fc 
method: "This was the default method for single valued fields prior to 
Solr 1.4. ".
I just ran into the problem of using fc for a field which can have 
multiple terms for one field. The facet counts would be wrong, seemingly 
only counting the first term in the field of each document. I observed 
this in Solr 1.4.1 and in 3.1 with the same index.

Question 1: The quotes above say "prior to Solr 1.4". Has this changed? 
Is there another method for multi-valued faceting since Solr 1.4?
Question 2: Very weird is another observation: When faceting on another 
field, namely the "text" field holding a large variety of terms and 
especially a lot of different terms in one single field, the fc method 
seems to count everything correctly. In fact, the results between fc and 
enum don't seem to differ. The field in which the fc and enum faceting 
results differ consists of a lot of terms which have all start- end end 
offsets 0, 0 and position increment 1. Could this be a problem?

Best regards,


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