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From Bill Bell <>
Subject Re: Replication Clarification Please
Date Sun, 08 May 2011 03:49:27 GMT
I did not see answers... I am not an authority, but will tell you what I

Did you get some answers?

On 5/6/11 2:52 PM, "Ravi Solr" <> wrote:

>        Pardon me if this has been already answered somewhere and I
>apologize for a lengthy post. I was wondering if anybody could help me
>understand Replication internals a bit more. We have a single
>master-slave setup (solr 1.4.1) with the configurations as shown
>below. Our environment is quite commit heavy (almost 100s of docs
>every 5 minutes), and all indexing is done on Master and all searches
>go to the Slave. We are seeing that the slave replication performance
>gradually decreases and the speed decreases < 1kbps and ultimately
>gets backed up. Once we reload the core on slave it will be work fine
>for sometime and then it again gets backed up. We have mergeFactor set
>to 10 and ramBufferSizeMB is set to 32MB and solr itself is running
>with 2GB memory and locktype is simple on both master and slave.

How big is your index? How many rows and GB ?

Every time you replicate, there are several resets on caching. So if you
are constantly
Indexing, you need to be careful on how that performance impact will apply.

>I am hoping that the following questions might help me understand the
>replication performance issue better (Replication Configuration is
>given at the end of the email)
>1. Does the Slave get the whole index every time during replication or
>just the delta since the last replication happened ?

It depends. If you do an OPTIMIZE every time your index, then you will be
sending the whole index down.
If the amount of time if > 10 segments, I believe that might also trigger
a whole index, since you cycled all the segments.
In that case I think you might want to increase the mergeFactor.

>2. If there are huge number of queries being done on slave will it
>affect the replication ? How can I improve the performance ? (see the
>replications details at he bottom of the page)

It seems that might be one way the you get the index.* directories. At
least I see it more frequently when there is huge load and you are trying
to replicate.
You could replicate less frequently.

>3. Will the segment names be same be same on master and slave after
>replication ? I see that they are different. Is this correct ? If it
>is correct how does the slave know what to fetch the next time i.e.
>the delta.

Yes they better be. In the old days you could just rsync the data
directory from master and slave and reload the core, that worked fine.

>4. When and why does the index.<TIMESTAMP> folder get created ? I see
>this type of folder getting created only on slave and the slave
>instance is pointing to it.

I would love to know all the conditions... I believe it is supposed to
replicate to index.*, then reload to point to it. But sometimes it gets
stuck in index.* land and never goes back to straight index.

There are several bug fixes for this in 3.1.

>5. Does replication process copy both the index and index.<TIMESTAMP>
>folder ?

I believe it is supposed to copy the segment or whole index/ from master
to index.* on slave.

>6. what happens if the replication kicks off even before the previous
>invocation has not completed ? will the 2nd invocation block or will
>it go through causing more confusion ?

That is not supposed to happen, if a replication is in process, it should
not copy again until that one is complete.
Try it, just delete the data/*, restart SOLR, and force a replication,
while it is syncing, force it again. Does not seem to work for me.
>7. If I have to prep a new master-slave combination is it OK to copy
>the respective contents into the new master-slave and start solr ? or
>do I have have to wipe the new slave and let it replicate from its new
>master ?

If you shut down the slave, copy the data/* directory amd restart you
should be fine. That is how we fix the data/ dir when
there is corruption.
>8. Doing an 'ls | wc -l' on index folder of master and slave gave 194
>and 17968 respectively...I slave has lot of segments_xxx files. Is
>this normal ?

Several bugs fixed in 3.1 for this one. Not a good thing.... You are
getting leftover segments or index.* directories.
><requestHandler name="/replication" class="solr.
>ReplicationHandler" >
>    <lst name="master">
>        <str name="replicateAfter">startup</str>
>        <str name="replicateAfter">commit</str>
>        <str name="replicateAfter">optimize</str>
>        <str name="confFiles">schema.xml,stopwords.txt</str>
>        <str name="commitReserveDuration">00:00:10</str>
>    </lst>
><requestHandler name="/replication" class="solr.ReplicationHandler" >
>    <lst name="slave">
>        <str name="masterUrl">master core url</str>
>        <str name="pollInterval">00:03:00</str>
>        <str name="compression">internal</str>
>        <str name="httpConnTimeout">5000</str>
>        <str name="httpReadTimeout">10000</str>
>     </lst>
>Master     master core url
>Poll Interval     00:03:00
>Local Index     Index Version: 1296217104577, Generation: 20190
>    Location: /data/solr/core/search-data/index.20110429042508
>    Size: 2.1 GB
>    Times Replicated Since Startup: 672
>    Previous Replication Done At: Fri May 06 15:41:01 EDT 2011
>    Config Files Replicated At: null
>    Config Files Replicated: null
>    Times Config Files Replicated Since Startup: null
>    Next Replication Cycle At: Fri May 06 15:44:00 EDT 2011
>    Current Replication Status     Start Time: Fri May 06 15:41:00 EDT
>    Files Downloaded: 43 / 197
>    Downloaded: 477.08 KB / 588.82 MB [0.0%]
>    Downloading File: _hdm.prx, Downloaded: 9.3 KB / 9.3 KB [100.0%]
>    Time Elapsed: 967s, Estimated Time Remaining: 1221166s, Speed: 505
>Ravi Kiran Bhaskar

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