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From Juan Antonio Farré Basurte <>
Subject Re: filter cache and negative filter query
Date Thu, 19 May 2011 08:49:51 GMT
> : query that in fact returns the "negative" results. As a simple example, 
> : I believe that, for a boolean field, -field:true is exactly the same as 
> : +field:false, but the former is a negative query and the latter is a 
> that's not strictly true in all cases... 
> * if the field is multivalued=true, a doc may contain both "false" and 
>   "true" in "field", in which case it would match +field:false but it 
>   would not match -field:true
> * if the field is not multivalued-false, and required=false, a doc
>   may not contain any value, in which case it would match -field:true but 
>   it would not match +field:false

You're totally right. But it was just an example. I just didn't think about specifying the
field to be single valued and required.

I did some testing yesterday about how are filteres cached, using the admin interface.
I noticed that if I perform a facet.query on a boolean field testing it to be true or false
it always looks to add two entries to the query cache. May be it also adds an entry to test
for unexsistence of the value?
And if I perform a facet.field on the same boolean field, three new entries are inserted into
the filter cache. May be one for true, one for false and one for unexsistence? I really don't
know what it's exactly doing, but doesn't look, at first sight, like a very optimal behaviour...
I'm testing on 1.4.1 lucidworks version of solr, using the boolean field inStock of its example
schema, with its example data.
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