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From Juan Antonio Farré Basurte <>
Subject Re: Facet Query
Date Fri, 27 May 2011 08:04:30 GMT
Are you talking about a facet query or a facet field?
If it's a facet query, I don't get what's going on.
If it's a facet field... well, if it's a fixed set of words you're interested in, filter the
query to only those words and you'll get counts only for them. If you just need to filter
out common words, I don't remember exactly how it works, but when you declare the text field
(or its type) you can specify a processor that does exactly that: removes common words from
the indexed field and, hence, you shouldn't get counts on them, because they just aren't there.
Sorry if my information is inexact. I haven't had to deal with this feature yet.

El 27/05/2011, a las 09:51, Jasneet Sabharwal escribió:

> Hi
> When I do a facet query on my data, it shows me a list of all the words present in my
database with their count. Is it possible to not get the results of common words like a, an,
the, http and so one but only get the count of stuff we need like microsoft, ipad, solr, etc.
> -- 
> Thanx&  Regards
> Jasneet Sabharwal

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