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From "Jaeger, Jay - DOT" <>
Subject RE: running SOLR on same server as your website
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2011 14:15:57 GMT
You could host Solr inside the same Tomcat container, or in a different servlet container (say,
a second Tomcat instance) on the same server.

Be aware of your OS memory requirements, though:  In my experience, Solr performs best when
it has lots of OS memory to cache index files (at least, if your index is very big).  For
that reason alone, we chose to host our Solr instance (used internally only) in a separate
virtual machine in its own web app server instance.

It is all a matter of managing your memory, CPU and disk performance.  If those are already
constrained or nearly constrained on your website, then adding Solr into that mix is probably
not such a good idea.  If those are not issues on your existing website, and your Solr load
is modest, then you can probably squeeze it onto the same server.

Like most real-world answers, it comes down to "it depends".


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From: okayndc [] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2011 9:02 AM
Subject: running SOLR on same server as your website

Hi everyone!

Is it not a good practice to run SOLR on the same server where you website
files sit?  Or is it a MUST to house SOLR on it's own application server?
The problem that I'm facing is that, my website's files sit on a servlet
container (Tomcat) and I think it would be more convenient to house the SOLR
instance on the same server?  Is this not a good idea?  What is your SOLR


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