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From Jan Høydahl <>
Subject Re: Solr and DateTimes - bug?
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2011 22:26:20 GMT

Can you try to make a plain HTTP query from the admin GUI on your index and tell us what the
XML response is for that date field?
If that date output is wrong as well, there may be a bug with Solr. If it is correct, you
have a problem in SolrNet.

Btw, which version of Solr do you use?

Jan Høydahl, search solution architect
Cominvent AS -
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On 12. sep. 2011, at 00:28, Nicklas Overgaard wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I just started playing around with solr, however i'm facing some trouble. The test data
i'm indexing with solr is, amongst other things, containing date and times.
> By the way, I'm using mono and i'm talking to solr through the SolrNet library.
> The issue i'm facing:
> Some of the dates corresponds to the DateTime.MinValue of .net, which is "0001-01-01
00:00:00". When this date is returned from Solr, it's returned like "1-01-01T00:00:00Z". Now,
I figured out that solr supposedly should return dates according to the ISO 8601 standard
- but the above output is not in that format.
> This basically leads to mono breaking down because it's not able to parse the above date.
If i add three leading zeroes, it parses just fine (so it becomes "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
the correct ISO 8601 format).
> So my question is: Is this a bug in the solr output engine, or should mono be able to
parse the date as given from solr? I have not yet tried it out on .net as I do not have access
to a windows machine at the moment.
> Best regards,
> Nicklas

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