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From ku3ia <>
Subject Re: Poor performance on distributed search
Date Sat, 17 Dec 2011 21:11:35 GMT
Hi, Erick!

>>Right, are you falling afoul of the recursive shard thing? That is, 
>>if you shards point back to itself. As far as I understand, your 
>>shards parameter in your request handler shouldn't point back 
>>to itself.... 
No, my request handler don't points itself cause default is false. But I
tested today, using classic shards parameter. Here is results:

successfully started at 22:25:58
Queries interval is: 10 queries per minute*,score&shards=,,,
utility successfully stopped at 22:30:58
Elapsed time: 300 secs
--- solr ---
Queries processed: 11
Queries cancelled: 39
Average QTime is: 55966.8 ms
Average RTime is: 56.2727 sec(s)
Size of data-dir is: 496726 bytes

And test with RecordID only:
successfully started at 22:17:16
Queries interval is: 10 queries per minute,,,
utility successfully stopped at 22:22:16
Elapsed time: 300 secs
--- solr ---
Queries processed: 23
Queries cancelled: 27
Average QTime is: 13991.8 ms
Average RTime is: 14.1739 sec(s)
Size of data-dir is: 223580 bytes

And read speed is the same.

On production I create a RAMDisk (mount -t tmpfs -o size=xxxM tmpfs
/mnt/tmpfs/) and put my shards onto it. The QTime/RTime was magnificent. But
the problem is, I dont have much RAM for it(

Can it be my huge index, terms or maybe it's to much queries per minute, or
row count or I made something wrong in my configs? And, can you please watch
drive speed on your indexes? Is it the same?

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