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From Aleksander Akerø <>
Subject Re: 3.5 QueryResponseWriter
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2011 08:38:49 GMT
Den 30.12.2011 06:03, skrev Chris Hostetter:
> : Looks like you've experienced the issue described with fixes here:
> :<>
> but specifically, since you've already copied the jar file in question,
> and are now getting a class not found for the *baseclass* it suggests you
> have a diff problem....
> :>  What I have done this far is basicly just to copy the /example/solr
> : folder, install the webapp .war file in a tomcat instance and start up.
> :>  >  At first I complained about the VelocityResponseWriter, so i created
> : a /lib folder in /$SOLR_HOME and added the velocity jar from dist. That
> : seemed to take care of the VRW error.>  >  But now I get an
> : "NoClassDefFoundError" wich sais something about QueryResponseWriter. So
> ...that suggests that it is loading VRW at a higher (or lower depending on
> how you look at it) classloader then where it loads the rest of the solr
> jars.
> if you are using the example solr setup, then it sounds like you copied
> the jar to "example/lib" (which is where the jetty jars live) instead of
> "example/solr/lib" (which would be a new lib folder in the $SOLR_HOME dir.
> unfortunately, people frequently get these confused, which is one of the
> reasons i have started encouraging people to just use the<lib />
> declarations in their solrconfig.xml file instead of making a single "lib"
> dir in $SOLR_HOME.  (but either way, you'll need to remove the copy of the
> VRW jar you've got loading in the system classpath before either approach
> will work)
> -Hoss
Well, what I did was to create a lib directory within $SOLR_HOME ( 
$SOLR_HOME/lib ), and that is where I put the VRM  jar found in the dist 
folder. Then what I did to the solrconfig was basicly to uncomment all 
of the <lib > statements and use <lib dir="../lib" />. The solrconfig is 
placed as normal in $SOLR_HOME/conf. Is it wrong to do so?

To me this "QueryResponseWriter" thing doesn't necessarily have anything 
to do with VRM. Are all of the libraries from the /dist and contrib 
folder necessary for startup? Because my routine in setting up solr is 
to only copy the /solr folder from /example and into my tomcat 
environment. So everything "above" the /solr folder does not exist. When 
I want to use additional features i mainly copy the needed jar files 
into $SOLR_HOME/lib as explained above. So this jetty lib folder you are 
talking about, does not exist for me.

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