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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Re: Delays when deleting by query
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2011 13:25:52 GMT
Hmmm, this is unusual. Can we see the code you use to delete?
And your solrconfig file? You're not doing something odd like
optimizing on commit or anything, right?

You shouldn't have to commit after deletes. The fact that you're
hanging is very odd (BTW, does "hanging" mean you're system
is locked up or just that you can't find your new documents?).

You could try using the default Jetty container just for yucks
to see if Tomcat is somehow the culprit, although many people
use Tomcat so it'd b something peculiar to your setup.


On Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 8:55 AM, Mike Gallan <> wrote:
> I ran some more tests.  I added an explicit commit after each deleteByQuery() call and
removed the add/reindex step.  This hung up immediately and completed (or timed out?) after
20 minutes.  The hangs occur almost exactly 20 minutes apart.  Could this be a Tomcat issue?
> I ran jconsole but didn't see any extraordinary memory or CPU usage.  The delays appear
on the first delete attempt immediately after start up so I suspect it's not GC related.
> I also tried adding documents without deleting.  This worked with no significant delays
on the commit.  The delete/commit combo appears to be the source of the problem.
> Any tips on how to debug this are appreciated!
> Thanks,Mike
>> From:
>> To:
>> Subject: Delays when deleting by query
>> Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2011 08:25:28 -0500
>> Hello,
>> We're encountering delays of 10+ minutes when trying to delete from our Solr 3.4
instance.  We have 335k documents indexed and interface using SolrJ.  Our schema basically
consists of a parent object with multiple child objects.  Every object is indexed as a separate
document with the child documents referencing parents via a 'parentId' field.  When any part
of a parent object is updated solrServer.deleteByQuery() is called to delete the parent and
all the child documents, then solrServer.add() is called to reindex them.  We currently rely
on autocommit, with maxDocs set to 100 and maxTime set to 30s.  Deletes work fine on another
Solr test instance with 22k documents.
>> Any thoughts?  Is this sort of delay common when deleting against this many documents?
>> Thanks,
>> Mike

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