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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Highlighting with prefix queries and maxBooleanClause
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2012 19:53:35 GMT

: About bumping MaxBooleanQueries. You can certainly
: bump it up, but it's a legitimate question whether the
: user is well served by allowing that pattern as opposed
: to requiring 2 or 3 leading characters. The assumption

i think the root of the issue here is that when executing queries, really 
broad prefix queries like "q=*" generate constant score queries, so relaly 
broad prefix queries are "safe" to execute.  but (based on his error) it 
seems like the highlighter fails loudly an painfully on these otherwise 
"safe" queries.

understandably, part of the reason this happens is that the highlighter 
needs to know all the terms that that prefix expands to in order to know 
what to highlight, but the fact that it generates an error when 
maxBooleanClause is hit seems unfortunate -- maybe there is no way arround 
it, but i *thought* there were options that could be used related to 
highlighting to mitigate these issues, i just couldn't remember what they 
are (does the FastVectorHighlighter have these problems? is it only if you 
use WeightedSpanTermExtractor?) and hence my suggestion to Michael to 
start a thread here in the hopes that the highlighting experts (Yeah Koji! 
... better you then me!) would chime in.


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