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From Andy <>
Subject Re: Benchmark Solr vs Elastic Search vs Sensei
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2012 20:55:37 GMT
What is the performance of Elasticsearch and SenseiDB in your benchmark?

 From: Volodymyr Zhabiuk <>
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2012 9:50 PM
Subject: Benchmark Solr vs Elastic Search vs Sensei
Hi Solr users

I've implemented the project to compare the performance between
Solr, Elastic Search and SenseiDB
the Solr version 3.5.0 was used. I've used the default configuration,
just enabled json updates and used the following schema
2.5 mln documents were put into the index, after
that I've launched the indexing process to add anotherr 500k docs. I
was issuing commits after each 500 doc batch . At the
same time I've launched the concurrent client, that sent the
following type of queries
The query contains the high level "OR" query, consisting of 2 terms, 2
ranges and 1 prefix. It is designed to hit ~60-70% of all the docs
Here is the performance result:
#Threads     min       median         mean            75%         qps
   1         208.95ms  332.66ms    350.48ms     422.92ms     2.8
   2         188.68ms  338.09ms    339.22ms     402.15ms     5.9
   3         151.06ms  326.64ms    336.20ms     418.61ms     8.8
   4         125.13ms  332.90ms    332.18ms     396.14ms     12.0
If there is no  indexing process on background
The result is as follows for 2,6 mln docs:
#Threads     min     median          mean             75%         qps
   1         106.70ms  199.66ms    199.40ms     234.89ms     5.1
   2         128.61ms  199.12ms    201.81ms     229.89ms     9.9
   3         110.99ms  197.43ms    203.13ms     232.25ms     14.7
   4         90.24ms    201.46ms      200.46ms     227.75ms     19.9
   5         106.14ms  208.75ms    207.69ms     242.88ms     24.0
   6         103.75ms  208.91ms    211.23ms     238.60ms     28.3
   7         113.54ms  207.07ms    209.69ms     239.99ms     33.3
   8         117.32ms  216.38ms    224.74ms     258.74ms     35.5
I've got three questions so far:
1. In case of background indexing the latency is almost 2 times
higher, is there any way to overcome this?
2. How can we tune the Solr to get better results ?
3. What's in your opinion is the preferred type of queries that I can
use for the benchmark?

With many thanks,

BTW here is the spec of my machine
RedHat 6.1 64bit
Intel XEON e5620 @2.40 GHz, 8 cores
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